At St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, we love Jesus, liturgy, and community. We strive to offer connection and support to everyone who walks through our doors, while also seeking the courage to walk into this world and offer God’s grace and love.


We want to grow our community. We want to grow in spiritual depth as disciples of Jesus Christ. We want to grow in our understanding of how to serve one another. We want to grow in our knowledge of Christ and to make Christ known to more people. We want to grow in our generosity, giving more of ourselves–more time, attention and money–toward making a unified and strategic difference in the Austin community and beyond.

Rev John Newton


Three-time Austin resident, published author, and Longhorn football fanatic, John preaches nothing is more beautiful & challenging than God’s grace. With a wife and two young daughters at home, he’s outnumbered and loves every minute.


Rev. Hope Benko

Assisting Priest
A military kid who grew up all over the US, Hope and her husband, Andrew, and two brilliant kids, Harper and Grayson, now call Austin home. As Director of Enrollment at SSW, Hope is preparing the next generation of clergy for ministry.

Minerva 01.jpg

Rev. Minerva C. Skeith

Long-time resident of Austin who made her way up I-35 from Laredo. Strongly believes that the Kingdom of God is at hand if you know where to look. When her children were born, she discovered running as a way to not lose her mind.


REV. Sherry Williams

Bearing the burden of being brainy, bonny, and a bit brazen, Sherry breezily blasts through life as an ecumenical Episcopalian. Sherry worked as a fifth-grade teacher, a Texas Governor’s staffer, and is a mother of two great children.


REV. Elizabeth turner

Assisting Priest
Wife, mother, priest, and a zookeeper
(2 dogs, 3 cats, 3 birds), Elizabeth lived up and down both coasts, with a stint in Ohio. Her favorite places to travel are Ireland and Tuscany. Elizabeth is grateful to have found a home at St. Michael’s!


Lizzie McManus, M.T.S.

Family Minister
Voracious reader & cat enthusiast. Fiercely believes that God makes holy mischief in the margins. A NC native with a world-spanning address history. Often found recreating the Great British Bake Off with her spouse, Jonathan.


Luis Rivas

Student Minister
Communicates in obscure theological terms and memes. Like his favorite coffee, Luis was grown in Honduras, imported and prepared in Houston, and is now in Austin, where he can be found with a BCP in one hand, a nerf gun in the other.


Michael Reeves, Ph.D.

Business ManagerBorn to bring order to ecclesiastical chaos, Michael taught in Asia, Africa, Central and South America, Europe and now at St Michael's. Extraordinarily ecumenical and inclusive, grandfather of 4, still with his first love after 50 years.


Christine Havens, M.A.

Assistant for Admin & Communication
Wonderer. Wanderer. Passionate about storytelling. Passionate about words. One M. A. in English from Northern Iowa; one in Religion from SSW. Work has appeared in ATR, Forward Movement, and The Living Church magazine.


Ezra Bartz, Ph.D.

Director of 9:00am Music Team
Spent the last decade leading a dedicated team of musicians at St. Michael’s; additionally serves as task-master-in-chief of the class piano program at Texas State University School of Music. Ezra has two incredible children, Amelie and Elian.


rebecca hope, M.A.

Director of St. Michael’s Day School
Five years at St. Michael’s, with 15 years of early childhood education experience. An expert in Reggio Emilia curricula. Rebecca enjoys hiking, rock climbing, live music, museums, and time spent with her six-year-old daughter.


James Morrow, Ph.D.

Choral Director
Director of Choral Activities at UT-Austin, heads the choral program, directs the grad program in choral conducting. Prior to UT, Jim was Director of Choral Activities at the University of Florida and at Hope College in Holland, Michigan.


gena tabery, Ph.D.

Almost every blessing in her life has come through St. Michael’s, including meeting her husband and raising her four children. Gena began playing the organ at 15. When not making music now, Gena walks her dogs and helps produce conferences.

“By Sunday morning, I feel parched and exhausted from work, family stress and yes, loneliness. This welcoming community is a warm embrace. The liturgy and the peace infuse me with hope and inspired sermons lift my burdens. In short, St. Michael’s gives me rest.”
— Barbara Johnson, parishioner